Sunday, September 3, 2017

What Are You Ready To Hear?

I've lost 60 pounds. 

Check it out...
In Sudbury at over 220lbs
Same bench, 60lbs lighter.  I'm sure the bench felt better.

Those were 60 pounds of extra flesh I did not need and did not want anymore.  

I looked down at my gut one day and realized this was unacceptable.  There was no excuse for it.

I realized that it would only go away if I was honest about how it happened and honest about how to eliminate it.

I was the only one who could do something about it.

So I did it!  I lost 60 pounds!

It was me.  Jesus didn't take the weight off, I did!  (With His help!)

I feel great, and I think I look way better.

I look back at pictures of myself from before and I can hardly believe it's me.

Truthfully, looking at those pictures, I got a little angry.  Why didn't someone say something?

The reality is, a few people did, but I was not ready to hear it yet.

That's what I want to talk to you about.

Real change only happens when you are ready to hear the truth about something.

Because if the ground of your heart is hard, the seeds of change can't be planted and get stolen by the hungry birds of bitterness!

Real change only happens when you are given the tools make a change.

Because, knowledge is power.  The more you know, the more you can grow.

Real change only happens when hold on to hope.

Because change is slow sometimes.  Plus, other people need to get used to the new you!

In my case, I had to do the work.  The biking, the walking, watching my food, it's on me.

I can change me, but I can't change others.

I can be an influence, but I can't change someone else.

Let's make it personal, YOU, have to want it.  Whatever "it" is.

A better marriage.  A restored relationship.  Improved health.  Freedom from the past.

It happens because you come to the end of yourself, drop the excuses and go for it.

What are you ready to hear today?

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