Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Think about it won't you, thank you...

Here is something I have been thinking about.

Does God operate like the Canadian heath care system?

I have been waiting to get an MRI for a nerve thing that has been bothering me lately.  It's not critical.

It takes a month of waiting to get one done.  It takes that long because of demand and priority.

The most urgent cases get looked after first and everyone else has to wait.

Does God do the same thing to us?  When we pray, there are urgent things and not so urgent.

Is there a waiting list when it comes to answered prayers?  Do you sometimes feel like that there are bigger problems in the world, and God should look after those and not bother with your simple troubles?

I get that we should pray for our fellow man and the global issues facing our time, but I have also experienced the joy of having God remind me that He's thinking of me and the things I like.

I don't understand how He does that.  But He is God and He can.  I believe praying works on the BIG stuff and the small stuff.