Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Case For Grace

Just about done this book.


Lee Strobel is a former atheist journalist, who discovered the grace of God in his own life and then sought to tell the stories of others who have discovered the same thing.

The book is a collection of interviews Lee has done, with people who should be outcasts, but have found that God is bigger than their situations.

Lee also shares his own personal journey that started with the words of his father, telling him he did not have enough love for him to fill his little finger.  Wow.

The first chapter can be read here.   It's about an orphan...have a tissue ready.

To listen to our interview with, Lee on here.

One aspect of grace I have discovered from the book is that the grace of God always works over a period of TIME.  It's always an illustration of his patience. 

Thank God for His grace.  I need it every day.

How about you?

Saturday, February 14, 2015

You're On! (Whether you like it or not!)

What if these guys followed you around?

I recently read this article that quoted one of the stars of Duck Dynasty.    Jessica Robertson is married to, Jep Robertson.  She was interviewed by Christianity Today and was quoted as saying that she does not mind being on Reality TV because it gives her and her family an opportunity to share their faith.

“The more Christian shows out there, the more good influence we have, the better...You’re giving away a huge portion of your time and your life. You have to know it’s not just a 9-to-5 job. It is somewhat of a sacrifice, but God has a plan and he has something bigger,”

The Duck Dynasty wives.

Anytime we can peek into the lives of real people, there can be good and bad.

Some of it is entertaining, some of it is shocking, some of it is funny.  

The everyday stuff would be boring.

The majority of us will never have our lives play out on TV before millions of people.

BUT...this got me thinking...what if we realized, we are on a sort of show? 

We are being watched by a number of people every day! 

The amount of influence we have just by being alive and doing our daily boring stuff is huge!

Let's face it, daily stuff isn't exciting.  There are moments, but for the most part it's routine.

But remember, there are many eyes on you every day, whatever you are doing.

It's almost the same opportunity as being on TV, only on a smaller scale.

But the influence of how you do your groceries, get gas, pay your bills, though not thrilling, is STILL a chance to touch the lives of the people you encounter!

So, see you on the set of your life!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

My Odd Sense Of Humor

Humor is a funny thing.

I'll just let that statement sink in for a moment...

Okay?  Got it?  Moving on...

I think I have an odd sense of humor.  Some of the strangest things make me smile.

Over the years I have enjoyed reading comic strips.

Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes, For Better or Worse, Dilbert and more...

As a kid, I would hit the library before coming home from school and read comic strip books.

I have had many in my possession as an adult.

They have come and gone because they got worn out by multiple readings.

An example of one of my well worn comic strip books.
I think comics are great because they tell a story and make me smile very quickly.

They get to the point and leave me with a bit of happiness!

Sometimes, though, the oddest ones become my favorites.

An example...

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This stuff just gets me.

A ridiculous set up story for a silly slapstick moment.


I know that others may not get why this is so funny to me,

I don't either.

But it's hilarious!