Monday, September 19, 2016

Shut up!

Sometimes at church, something sticks with you for a very long time.  It could be something said to you by a friend or something in the message.

It often happens to me that I get something out of what the pastor says just in passing.

I am odd I guess.

Regardless, I am glad that God and I have somewhat of an open channel.

Near the end of the service last Sunday, pastor brought up the idea of that one person you have in life that can just sit beside you at any time and NOT SAY ANYTHING.  There is no awkward silence involved.  It's just the fact that you are together and familiar with each other that makes the hush OK. Occasionally one of you will speak up with a thought or share something from your day, but there is no rush.  It's easy going.

Pastor then had us imagine that we were sitting with God for just a minute.  No conversation was necessary, just enjoying each other's company!

What a cool idea!

Sometimes we feel pressured to pray and can forget that God just likes BEING with us!

Yes that means you!

We are all meat-heads and failures in our own way, but God already knows all that stuff.

I think just having that perspective frees you up to enjoy prayer time like never before.