Friday, April 25, 2014

The All New Breakfast Club!

It'e been one week since Tim Maassarany and I took the helm of the morning show on LIFE 100.3!  We sat in on the final show for AJ The Wonderdog on Thursday before the long weekend and then bright and early Monday morning, April 21st we hit the airwaves with The All New Breakfast Club with Tim and Todd!

We were welcomed to the studio with a very cool new banner and a message at the broadcast desk!

It's me and Tim on the morning airwaves along with Maria Lopez with the news!

This week we got to interview a lot of interesting people!  Our first chat was with, John Ortberg on Wednesday.  John is a pastor, author and clinical psychologist based in California.  His new book is called "Soul Keeping" and we chatted about what the "soul" is and how we can have a healthy life by looking after our soul.  On Friday we talked to Marshall Burnham.  He struck up a friendship with MMA champion fighter, Chad Laprise that changed his life profoundly and left him with a few scars both spiritual and physical!

We have a line up of other guests that we are excited about, but have to be kept under wraps for now!

We had a great time at AIR RAID 23!  I got to the one in Barrie and enjoyed We Are Leo the best!  Heartbeats was my favorite song of the night!
The BIG contest on the All New Breakfast Club is the Silver Eagle Cottages Getaway!  Up for grabs is a week long cottage experience in Haliburton for you and 9 friends!  You can canoe, kayak, play beach volleyball or just relax and do nothing!  I want to win but I can't!
Summer is not that far away and there are some more tantalizing contests in the works!

It's been a busy but extremely fun start to the All New Breakfast Club with Tim and Todd!  Thanks to everyone who called in to welcome us and give a word of encouragement!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

NERF Easter Weekend!

My kids are crazy.

Rose and I had them over for Good Friday dinner and it was special because we are moving to Barrie and it may be the last time that we are all together for a while.  They are all in their 20's now.  My youngest, Jasmine, just hit the double decade this year and I joked with her that I don't ever want to hear the word "Dooooon't" (Said in a whiny tone)!  She has yet to comply.

Dinner was great, Rose outdid herself.  After the feast we all played Pictionary, guys vs girls.  We had a good team since Vicki's boyfriend, Jay helped Alex and I dominate the All Play category! 

After the game was over and we had sufficiently gloated, I broke out the Nerf guns we got for Christmas last year.  I found them when we were packing our closets for the move.  We only had a limited number of darts so when someone got hit you had to hunt down the ammo in order to defend yourself.

We had previously watched some old videos of the young ones when they were all under 10 years old and I was feeling nostalgic about being the dad of small kids.  That's why it was great when the kids all grabbed those Nerf guns because it was like they were all little again!  It was chaos for a while and I was not about to say anything!  For that brief time I enjoyed having the shouts of my children fill the house again! It was worth the whole weekend!

I love you guys!

After all was said and done, Rose and I realized that we let the time go by without getting a picture of us all together!  Rats!  We found the photo above as we were going through some things earlier and I thought it captured the Gale kids quite well.

Can't wait until the next get together in, Barrie!  And in advance, we bought some extra ammo!

Happy Easter everyone! 

Hug the ones you love!

Friday, April 11, 2014

One Week In!

Well it's been a whole week of enjoyable employment here at LIFE 100.3!

I call it "work".

Why?  Because I LOVE what I do!

I don't think it will ever be chore.  Radio gets me going and I still get chills when a break just seems to click!

The team here works together amazingly and I am truly blessed to be able to be part of the fun.

It's Air Raid tonight, and that means a loud rock show!  "Work"

Today I got to host a four hour overnight show as practice.  "Work"

Today I also got to read the 5 and 6 o'clock newscasts.  "Work"

Today, I got to go to lunch with the head of the news department, the one and only, Tim Maassarany.  "Work, work, work"!

Well, gotta go...duty calls!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

New Beginnings.

It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks.  My phone rang on St Patrick's Day with a job offer from LIFE 100.3 in Barrie, Ont.  That was March 17th. Within days a series of events unfolded that can  only be described as divine in nature.  It was really remarkable to watch. 
I said goodbye to the great folks at KICX 91.7.  Our home in Sudbury was handled...then a place was basically sitting waiting for us here in Barrie, only minutes from the radio station! Wow! It's all falling together!
I am so thankful for the great friends who have wished us well and have supported me in radio.    You are precious folks!  Thank you God!
The work begins tomorrow as I start at LIFE.  Radio is awesome and I love every minute of it!