Friday, July 29, 2016

Can You Really Change?

I'd like to share a video devotional I recently recorded at LIFE.  

I usually like to be funny, but in this one, there is a serious side, hope you enjoy it and it helps you!

Change is possible!!

Thursday, July 7, 2016


It's my birthday.
I'm 50.
I've learned some stuff.
Reflections on 50 years of Existence
Be You - don't bother being what others want you to be.  You'll end up with no idea who you really are.
Don't take life too seriously - It's short, so enjoy the ride, things will happen but you'll be OK.
Make your spouse happy!  Don't be rude or annoying.
Love your kids for who they are - You can only parent for so long, then that job is done.
Explore and ask questions - Curiosity is a step towards learning, you never get it all figured out.
Have an opinion, but hold it loosely.  Your views will change over the years.
Explore your passions.
Listen to what people are saying, beyond their words.
Don't allow others to make you feel worthless.  (They obviously have their own issues.)
Leave a toxic environment as soon as you can.
Watch the The Three Stooges.
Go to a comedy show.
Be easy to work with, as much as you can.
Read the bible through at least once.  Read biographies to.
Change will happen, roll with it.
If you appreciate someone, tell them now, not later.
It's OK to not have it all figured out.  Someone else has the answer you need.
We all have failings and regrets.  Let them go.