Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Sharathon 2016!

LIFE 100.3 is such a unique ministry.  We are listener supported, that means the majority of what we do to is the result of the donations that come in during a two day fundraising event called Sharathon.

We have advertising that we sell, and that pays the bills, but when it comes to the other aspects of the radio station, it's the listeners that come through with the one time gifts and monthly support, that make the whole thing happen!

LIFE has a business plan for the coming year.  It spells out the specific goals and what each one will cost.  The Sharathon financial goals are based on this plan.  For example, if we want to do a free outdoor concert like "Rock The Lake" in Orillia this summer, the costs are broken down and it's either added to plan or put on hold for another year.  If we want to do another billboard campaign, the strategy is laid out as to what city we will put them in and for how long.  Again it's costed out and included or dropped based on it's effectiveness and the dollars available.

Sharathon is a straight forward and clear appeal.  There is no manipulating of the facts, no gimmicks and no BS.  Christian radio is what we do, We're all striving to be the best at what we do.  We give God all the room He needs to move and the results are there.  Period.

This year was my second Sharathon as a full time staff member at LIFE and I continue to be impressed by how well this team works together to make it excellent.  It's inspiring really.

This year, near the end of day two, so much happened that it boggles the mind.  Right up until the announcement of the totals, there was drama due to the weather.  Scott Jackson explains it on his blog, so I will recommend you read it!

Everything we do during Sharathon is to communicate to you that Christian radio is a worthy and fruitful ministry to give to.  LIFE is like a missions outreach to your own backyard.  We work together with local churches to complement what they do and grow believers.  We show up at over 200 events during the year with the Street Team, playing quality Christian music and handing out bumper stickers to create a buzz.

A radio can be a friend to someone going through depression and feeling all alone, or it can be a personal DJ for a dance party in a kitchen or at youth group!

LIFE is a fun and exciting thing to be a part of and it's our hope that you catch the excitement and partner with us!  If you are in the neighborhood, drop by and we'll give you a tour of the place and thank you personally!

Here are some shots from Sharathon!

Evan Duran, Jay Davis from Mapleview Community Church, Scott Jackson, Tim Maassarany

Phil Tomassetti from Gateway Worship Center in Gravenhusrt

Russ Worrad and the gang from Grace Church in Newmarket!

Randy Raycroft brought a posse from HiWay Pentecostal!

Dave Whitelaw and a friend from Emmanuel in Orillia!

Todd Dugard and a staff member from Harvest Bible Chapel joined Jen Melanson and Tim Maassarany 

Phone Central!

Newsman, Mike Porier interviewed many phone central volunteers!  (This was Mikes' first LIFE Sharathon!)

Monday, March 14, 2016

What a Great Place!

A friendly welcome to Midhurst!

This Sunday, Rose and I got to visit quiet little place, just a stone's throw away from Barrie.

It's called, Midhurst, and it's just down the road!

I had the honor of speaking for LIFE 100.3 as part of a Sunday morning service at Willow Creek Baptist Church.

Willow Creek Baptist Church in Midhurst.

There is no downtown Midurst.  It's a community of neighborhoods.  There are a few parks, some wonderful trails and a cemetery.  Besides that, it's just a basic beautiful place to live and raise a family, close to everything without feeling like you are close to anything!

Willow Creek Church feels like it belongs in Midhurst because it's a comfortable place to come and worship in the midst of the busyness of life!  The building is cozy.  It radiates a warmth.  The people that go to Willow have the same warmth!  The service felt like a family gathering where everyone was truly concerned with the well being of the other.  LIFE was welcomed in and we had our Street Team booth set up in the spacious entrance.  I got about 10 minutes to give a ministry update to the almost 300 in attendance and also show a video that highlights the different DJ's and shows on the station.

Ministry update time!

View from the back!

We love doing church visits at LIFE!  We as DJ's spend a lot of time behind the microphone, not seeing the people we are talking to, so it's a treat to be able to connect face to face and hear stories of how Christian radio has made a difference in so many lives!

The service was wonderful with music provided by recording artist, Will Walker and his band which included LIFE DJ, Evan Duran!  (You hear Will on LIFE to!  "Passion and Fire" and "Keep Holding On")

Pastor Jay Sandiford spoke about the value of Prayer and then...we did actual prayer!  We also received communion to round out the morning!

Thank you Willow Creek for hosting LIFE!  Hope we can come back soon!

Monday, March 7, 2016

The Play's The Thing...

Here's looking at you....uh...Beast!

This weekend I went to see a big time professional play in Toronto!

It was a Broadway play, but not on Broadway.

Not sure why the street name makes a difference.

If a play is good and it's on Walter Street, does that mean it's less of a hit?

The play was called Beauty and The Beast and it was the Disney version!

If you were a parent in the 90's you have a worn out VHS of the movie somewhere!  If not you could pick one up for a dollar at any Value Village! It's a "Tale as old as time...", which for VHS was a long time ago!

Well, no need to adjust the tracking heads on this was LIVE!  Dancing forks and knives and everything!

The play was great, everyone hit their marks and the songs were all on pitch.  Great time.

We even got a backstage tour courtesy of my dad who is the cast and crew transportation El-Capitan!

I have been in a few live plays and I know the whole vibe of the production.  It's fun and hectic.

One play I was in was The Sound Of Music and I was the butler.

My character became a Nazi in the end.  Oh well.  At least I didn't have to sing.

I would have taken a picture inside the theater in Toronto, but the Nazi, I mean the usher did not allow us.  There were rules apparently.  Anyway.

It was a great time and a great experience!

Thanks Pops!