Monday, March 31, 2014

Noah Movie. Everbody...CHILL!

I did it. 

     I went online and plopped down for top of the line AVX movie tickets to see the latest big box office flick, Noah last night.  And...big was a film made by a guy who does not profess to be a believer, and he took some liberty in filling in the gaps in the biblical version of the story to make a Hollywood film that would get butts in the seats and munching expensive popcorn! 

What did people expect?

To me the film explored some of questions that I and many others have had about the story of Noah. 

Like, how did he take care of all those animals?

What was the world like back then?

Who were the "giants" that were the result of the sons of God laying with the daughters of men?

Are these life and death issues for me?  Not really.  It was along time ago and I am sure the story must have had many revisions up until it was finally written down...but then again, people lived a looooong time back then according to the scriptures.  Like Noah himself who actually lived 350 years after the whole "ark" incident.

Here's my beefs with the whole reaction thing...

Christian hypocrisy can really get ugly when it comes to movies.

If we don't like the way Hollywood sees the Bible, then get your own millions of dollars and make your own movie!  Oh and then, find a theater to play it...then try and promote it!

Hollywood is interested in $ pure and simple.  If people pay to see it, they will make it.

I think they are especially liking the fact that the Noah movie raised controversy...more free publicity!

And about the "liberties" taken with the story, I think many will refer to the "Watchers" as the straw that broke the camels back for them.  Talking rock people?? Come On!

...but wait a minute.  As Christians...we believe a man (really two men) walked on a stormy sea!  We believe that a donkey SPOKE!  We believe that a city fell flat after loud trumpet playing and shouting!  We believe that a guy caught a fish with a coin in its mouth to pay his taxes!  We believe water turned to wine!  We believe the dead were raised!!

I could go on but you get the idea.

A movie like this is a good mirror.  This is the way the "world" sees us believers.  Can you blame them sometimes?  If movies like this upset you...maybe you should think about how you have been representing God to others.  Too often they only see hate and narrow mindedness.  I remember that the only crowd who got really uptight about Jesus were the "religious" people who saw Him threatening to bring down their system of control.

I enjoyed it as a movie and took what I could from it.  I know Hollywood is not into evangelism.

Am I going to "jump on the boat" and say this film is historically accurate?  Of course not!  I think the writer used his imagination and tried to convey a story with real characters in a very odd situation.  I would trust that people are mature enough to make up their own minds and do the research for themselves to find out the real story.

If I sound passionate it's because I have to credit a movie for leading me to the bible in the first place...but that's another story!

Stay tuned!

PS.  I still have not seen the Son of God movie.  To me, "The Passion" still rules!

PSS:  I could have made a throwaway joke off the top about the movie not being "watered down", but I thought it was low hanging fruit.  Feel free to FLOOD me with comments!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Thank You Sudbury!

This is it!

This morning was my last on air news shift in Greater Sudbury.  I am heading to Barrie in April to begin a new adventure with LIFE 100.3!

I moved to Sudbury to work in full time radio in 2008 and my time here has come to an end!
I just want to say thank you to everyone who made me and my family feel so welcome in the Nickel City.  I have made many friends here and you are all awesome people!

Thank you to everyone both at 95.5KFM, 103.5KFM and KICX 91.7 for the opportunity to work in the unique field of radio!  It's been a blast!  Wheather it was out on remotes, fooling around in the studio, covering local news events or hanging out at the Wolves games, it has been a memorable ride.

Life is all about rolling with the changes and taking on new challenges.  The great thing about the world we live in is that we can stay connected to each other and continue to build friendships through social media!  Be assured that I will be cruising Facebook and Twitter to see how everyone is doing!

Feel free to hit me up anytime!

Twitter:  @toddgale


PS...any ideas for a rockin' DJ name?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Book vs Movie

     I have not seen the Son of God movie...yet.  OK, as a Christian I know that seems like I'm not on board with the program if I don't line up to see a huge film about Jesus.  I think most of the footage was already in the Bible mini-series that I DID see on the History Channel. (My fave channel)  I also know it sounds simplistic but, I read the book and it's much better than any movie.  If I had to pick a favorite Jesus movie it would have to be "The Passion" for the simple reason that the characters all spoke the period correct language, which in my view made it less distracting than hearing the standard British accent that seems to make everything sound more "dramatic" but really makes no sense historically. 
     I have often wondered why the events of Jesus life occurred when they did.  It was God's plan obviously.  But think of all the technology available today to get your message out!  The story of the gospel was eventually committed to paper for all to read, but that process is slow compared to the mass communication of the wired generation!  I believe it has something to do with the fact that when you READ a story, you envision the action in your head using your God given imagination, and you take time to "digest" what you have read in a way that makes it more real to you.  What do you think?

Monday, March 17, 2014

Learn As You Go

   I have just wrapped up my last read.  It was a good book and I learned quite a bit.  (That's the goal, right?)  Now I am ready to dive into another one.  It's nice to have a few days to turn pages and absorb what you can from the thoughts and musings of others.  I believe you can learn from everyone you meet, whether that experience is positive or negative.  There's always a takeaway. 

    For the last little while I have been learning a lot and it's mostly through the people I meet (and those right up close).  I have challenged my introverted nature to stand down and encouraged myself to say hello to total strangers or say a few words of thanks to folks who serve in retail and such.  It's great!  We all want to be acknowledged in everyday life because, let's face it, it can become a chore at times!