Monday, June 26, 2017

Think about it, won't you? Thank you.

Ever think about what you're thinking about?

If you can do that, then you have an advantage in life you may not be aware of.

You can change your thoughts and then change your life.

I believe that mind reading is a myth.  I do not think people are clairvoyant.  

I'm sorry if you have paid money to a medium or psychic.  You can't get a refund.

The only person in your head is you.  The door to your brain is closed unless you open your mouth.

I can't tell what you're thinking.  Which leads me to say this...

Thoughts are private for a reason.

Your thinking is lightning fast, random and complex all at the same time.

If anyone were to hear your thoughts it would probably drive them insane!

Why are we given this ability to hear our own voice and the voice of others in our heads?

No one else can hear it but us. 

People may be able to read our thoughts based on the look on our faces but not normally. 

You just may have a permanently confused look!

Our brains are the buffers for what we say. 

There is a scripture that says be slow to speak.

Our thoughts then are not who we are, they are only what we could become.
You can choose your thoughts.

 If you don't choose them, there are other forces who want to choose them for you.

Advertisers are a good example. 

If they can choose your thoughts, they can manipulate your lifestyle.

You end up asking yourself "Why am I really eating Skittles?"

In the movie, inception, they tried to plant an idea thought deep within someones mind.  It worked.

Co-dependent relationships can fertile ground for this. A narcissist can take full advantage.

Your thoughts are just lines of words or ideas, they won't become real unless you dwell on them.

They shape who you are and what you do.

I don't want to know what's going on in your head. It would scare me and everyone else on the planet.
We may even lock you up.
Those thoughts can be changed. That's what the word repentance means. 

It's common to think that when you hear the word repent, it means that you have to change your behavior.

It goes deeper! 

 Change the way you think, behavior will follow. 

 Behavioral change is not the end goal of living as a Christian anyway. 

 Any animal can be trained to do tricks.  We want a quality of life!

Try thinking about what you're thinking about...and that's a first step to change.

Monday, June 19, 2017


For King and Country LIVE at Wonderjam 2017!

Part of my job at LIFE is to represent the station at big Christian events.

To me, this is a thrill!

Me and Steve Bradley onstage at Wonderjam!

I love being able to go onstage somewhere and talk about what we do and invite people to listen.

I get excited about Christian radio and I hope the audience feels that!

We were part of Wonderjam at Canada's Wonderland again this year and we got prime stage time!

We got to go on before the main band, Skillet, to announce our upcoming Fall contest!

We also got to toss out a few LIFE t-shirts to the hungry crowd!

I have heard that as many as 4000 people check out the concerts during the event.

Skillet! Shot from backstage!

Skillet, rocking Wonderjam!

Steve Bradley, Jon Cooper, Me, Sam and Josiah the shutterbug!

It's a very weird experience to be backstage when a MAJOR band is getting ready to go onstage.

All the stage technicians have their various jobs to do to make the show happen.

To the lay person, they can seen a bit grumpy.

I'm there to do a job and try and stay out of THEIR way!  It's really awkward...but fun!

The music sounds way different from the rear of the venue!

The guys from Skillet were super chill and snapped a pic with us before they went onstage!

My ears still hurt...

Monday, June 12, 2017


A show I enjoy watching is Doctor Who.

It's the adventures of a man who can zip about through time in a spaceship.

He has amazing adventures and usually takes along a companion or two.

Here's the thing about the show I love and hate.

Time travel is a myth.

I believe we can't do it.

I want it to be true, but in my heart I know it's just a a fantasy that allows the story tellers to create a
world where almost anything can happen.

Why do I think time travel is a myth?

Because no one has come back from the future to tell us it's possible!

(It could also be because the "future people" don't want us to know.)

I read a quote recently that left me thinking about time.

It says that "the evidence for the concept of time is circumstantial".

I think it means that we see what "looks like" the passage of time, but it's really the effect of decision being made in the now.

We are "old" only because we are experiencing the effects of a daily routine of decisions and natural occurrences.

We only posses the present moment.

"What about prophecy?"

Good question!

I think the same principle applies.

Because of a decision made, only one outcome can occur.

God sees the end from the beginning because He's smarter than we are.

He lets us have a peek once in a while.

What do you think?

Monday, June 5, 2017

How To Get Past A Problem. (Usually)

I'm reading a book about life.

No, it's not the bible.

It's by someone I won't mention.  It's not important.

What IS important is what the person was saying about moving forward in life.

If I asked you to name something that is a wall in your life, would you know what I mean?

A wall can be something like personal debt.  It stops you from moving ahead with financial goals.

A wall can be a past hurt.  It seemingly stops you from getting really intimate with anyone.

A wall can be a difficult person.  They seem to be standing in your way, keeping you from advancing.

A wall is something that stops you, puts a boundary on you or limits you.

What if that disappeared TODAY?  What would you be doing?

Here is a cool story from the bible.

There was a man who could not walk.  He would lay by a pool and wait for the water to move.

He never got in.  He blamed others.  Someone else beat him to the water.  ALWAYS!

Jesus came along and asked him if he wanted to be haeled.  It should have been obvious right?

The first thing he started talking about were the excuses why he could not be healed.

Is that you?  Are the excuses your first defense?

If things are not the way you think they should be, is it other peoples fault?

Do you even have a plan beyond the walls of your self imposed limitations?

Jesus took care of the man right there.  POOF!  Problem solved.


Now he has the rest of his life to enjoy!

If your debt, hurt or annoying person were to suddenly become not an issue, what would you do?

Do you even really WANT your walls to be torn down?

Here is the danger we can fall into sometimes.  We make our problems part of who we are.

Our issues can become our crutch.  A way we get sympathy and attention.  Find identity.

The problem is, what if those problems were taken out of the picture?

Who are you then?

Problems are things that happen TO us.  They are NOT us.

I don't know what it might be for you, but I do know that if you're going to move forward into new areas of life, you got figure out what you want and hack away at the excuses!

Live it!