Monday, June 27, 2016

Change is Possible.

"Can people really change?"

If you have not asked that out loud, you have probably thought it.  Well I have good news, change is possible in others and most importantly in YOU!

Change is most certainly real.  It's happening right now and you don't even see it!  For example, are you wearing bell-bottom jeans?  Not likely unless you are one of those people who loves wearing vintage clothing.

Just like fashions change, people change, but the process can be a very slow one.  Why?

Because, when WE change everything around us changes too.  It takes time...

What got me thinking about this was a pretty simple thing I did at home.  I oiled our squeaky front door.  I am up really early and I try to be quiet so my wife can sleep.  I am usually successful, but on my way out, that front door would always make a squeak!

Until ONE DAY!

I got tired of it and got out some WD-40 and soaked the hinges.  BAM!  No more noise!

Here's whats odd though.  For a lot of mornings after that, I still expected the squeak to be there, just because it had become a part of my routine.

When things change it takes a while to get used to the different atmosphere!  Maybe you have changed your language from, colorful words to direct talk.  People may say, what's wrong with you?  It's going to take some time for others to adjust to hearing you talk plainly!

May you have dropped a bad habit and you have picked up a new hobby.  The old places you used to hang out in may miss you but in time they'll get over it!

Here's a scripture that's interesting.  Romans 2:4

Or do you show contempt for the riches of his kindness, forbearance and patience, not realizing that God's kindness is intended to lead you to repentance?

Because God is so good, it causes us to repent, which means to change the way we think about things.  Literally to have a new mind about everything!

As our thinking changes...we change, and as we change things around us change.  Be patient.  Don't be discouraged.  It might take some time.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Awesome week!

 Rose and I headed out on the Upstanding Comedy -The Circuit Tour for six straight nights of performing comedy and then we also crammed in a visit to Niagara Comic-Con!

The tour started in Belleville at a wonderful venue known as The Core!  Scott Jackson was there for the fist night and we managed to visit a couple radio stations while in town!

First set of the tour!

Clayburn Cox, Jared Groenewagon, Timmy Boyle, me.

Former LIFE-er Josh!

Stop at UCB Belleville!
The next stop was a hometown show in Barrie!  Great crowd!  Clayburn Cox and his wife, Karen stopped in to get a tour of LIFE!

The Barrie crowd loved Clayburn!
                     Loving LIFE!                         

We headed down the road for dates in Sarnia and Chathan next!

Great shot!

Ow ow ow ow...

Thanks for the pics!

My biceps are catching up to the Hulk, Lou Ferrigno!

We love the Falls!

Brantord shot.

Clayburn, hamming it up!

The Fonz!  Henry Winkler!

Clayburn Cox is a wonderful human being!