Thursday, July 24, 2014

Here There Be Frogs!

     I was on a bike ride tonight on the country roads behind my house.  Down one of the roads there is a swamp.  On the road by the swamp there are multiple "stains" which look like bird droppings, but upon closer inspection, are revealed to be tiny squished frogs!  I have no idea why they would try and cross the road to leave their safe little swamp, but it reminded me of the bible story of the plague of frogs in Egypt.  Moses told the Pharaoh that he could remove the plague of frogs immediately, but the king, for some reason put it off till the next day!  What?  Why?  Was he busy?  Did he have important meetings booked? 

You know what? 

I think it was just a power trip thing. 

    He knew he was beat but still wanted to maintain the illusion that he was in control, even if it was just in a small way.  Sadly the people had to suffer another night with the gross frogs everywhere!
Seeing the squished frogs on the road today, taught me a little lesson.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Bunk Wars - The Box Set

It was sometime in May I believe, that me and fellow LIFE 100.3 dj, Andrew Robertson engaged in a unique form of combat!

I decided one day to decorate my LIFE bunk with some sc-fi stuff I had at home.

This is how it started!

Andrew is a bit geeky to, so he decided to top me!

The HULK!  Really?

It was "on like Donkey Kong" from there!

The battle has come to a conclusion.  The All New Breakfast Club has it's own office now so, the bunk has gone to someone else.  Our final submissions for the "war" are below...

Thing battles Hulk!

Anakin fights Obi-Wan!

I have to say that I thought the battles were very fun and I was thankful to be able to share my nerdy stuff with a wider audience!

As to who won? Hmmm.  Andrew surprised me quite a few times!  His knowledge of comics surpasses me completely, and he is a big Power Ranger fan, which I am not!  I will give the victory to him, but I think we both won by being able to openly let our geek flag fly for a while!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Birthday and Canada Day Adventures

This blog will be heavy on pictures, cause that's what holidays are about sometimes!

My wife, Rose got her birthday gift in January, but it was tickets for a concert in JUNE!  She had to wait a long time to finally cash in!

We were going to see Canadian singer Michael Buble in Toronto, June 29th, so we made a day of it!

Our first stop was in Wasaga Beach where we took in the scenery and had an ice cream!  We dipped our toes in the waters of Georgian Bay before heading to Toronto!

On our way to Wasaga, we came across a weird tree with shoes tossed in it!  Very odd!  Does anyone know the history of this thing?

Creepy Shoe Tree

Can I find you anything sir?

The Tree of Soles!  Ha!

We then made a bee line to Casa Loma, a place Rose loves!  It was a hot day and I would advise if you visit to be aware that there is no air conditioning!  We were even serenaded with some opera!  VIDEO HERE.

Casa Loma has been in tons of movies!

The outdoor grounds are just as amazing!

The view from the terrace.

Now it's even more beautiful!

Just one of the rooms!

A many type room!

Toronto from the Casa Loma tower!

Gorgeous place!

 After the tour we wanted to eat at a place featured on the Food Network Show "You Gotta Eat Here".  We settled on a place called Rock Lobster on Ossington Ave.  It was OK but I should have ordered what I wanted, the mac and cheese, instead of a full lobster, oh well, next time!

Behind me is a fresh seafood bar.  Oysters and such.

You Gotta Eat Here!

After the meal it was off to the downtown to park and then get into the Air Canada Center!

Buble on the big screen!

The day has finally come!

Michael Buble is one of Rose's favorite singers along with Diana Krall.  They are both Canadians which is extra cool!  He put on a great show (aside from some potty mouth! LOL) and it was very enjoyable!  (I posted a couple videos, HERE and HERE, if you are interested.

Buble in concert!

I got all of 4 hours sleep that night before my morning show at LIFE 100.3!  I woke up at 4am and went in to do a solo show as my co-host, Tim Maassarany is off for the week! I also had to do some interviews, and voice track for Canada Day!  Don't ask me how I did it, I just thank God!

After a good sleep-in on Canada Day, it was off to do some geocaching!  Even though Rose was still a bit tired, she came along!  Thanks hun!

We mangaed to get in three finds!

Find one.

Find two...

...and find three!

All in all, a busy few days but very happy ones!

Happy Canada Day everyone!