Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Canadian eh!

Vintage CBC logo.
My fave Detroit station for Star Trek and Batman!
Growing up near the USA, I used to feel a bit inferior being a Canadian.

We watched American TV (WXYZ, WDIV, WXON, WKBD), listened mostly to radio stations from Detroit (WRIF, WLLZ, WHYT, CKLW), followed the Red Wings and the Tigers and knew more about U.S. politics than my own.

My notions of being Canadian came from the CBC.  My dad would listen to "As It Happens" and other shows on our national broadcaster.  We had an old radio in the downstairs bathroom that would blast Michael Enright and Alan Maitland (Front Porch Al) and other features.

We would sometimes head over the border to do a little "Sunday Shopping".  That felt strange because in those days you could not shop on the Lords Day in Canada!  I remember observing the way our U.S. neighbors lived life.  I noticed that they were very open and free, something us conservative Canucks felt a little uncomfortable with.  It was fun to watch though.

These days, what it means to be Canadian to me has changed.  I think we have retained the best of our British Empire roots along with a progressive outlook and good global citizenship.  We are not pushy, but know where we stand on the issues.  We look after those who are the weakest to the best of our ability.  Compassion rules our hearts, faith guides our steps.

There is so much of the country I have yet to see,  I have seen quite a bit of Ontario, some of BC and Quebec, but our dream is to head "down East" and see the beauty of PEI and Newfoundland!

How about you?  What makes Canada special to you?

Monday, June 22, 2015

Love My Family.

It was Fathers Day last weekend and I was blessed to have my son come down from New Liskeard for visit.
After a few changes in plans, we all decided to head for Niagara Falls to spend the two days exploring and having fun!
Alex had never been there and his girlfriend, Jess was super excited to go and re-live some memories and make new ones.

Alex. me, Brett (Jasmines boyfriend), Jasmine, Rose and Jess

We hit up some museums and then ate at the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner.

Afterwards the falls were lit up so we took in the scenery!

Next day we headed back to Clifton Hill for some more activity and the off to the White Water Walk and the Whirlpool.

Niagara is an awesome place and I love going there!  The history is fascinating!

Look out below!

We waited for Alex to tour under the Falls and took some selfies!
What a spectacular view!

Some history I was unaware of!

Falls at night.

Night Falls.

Whirlpool cable car.

The awesomeness....and the Falls to. lol

We had such a blast spending time together and we look forward to the next time!

Thanks guys for the wonderful Fathers Day!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Be Inspired!

This weekend was a busy one!

On Wednesday I was at the Pan-Am Torch Relay in Peterbourough, Friday, a Jays game in Toronto, then on Saturday we were in Huntsville for a big carnival for The Table Soup Kitchen!

In Huntsville I was inspired by the project they are raising money for, a men's shelter.

The shelter is in an old mechanic's garage and has required may hours and dollars to convert.

It's part way there and looks great!

The lead person for the project is Heather Berg and she is doing an amazing job of seeing the vision become a reality.

I find it inspiring that someone can get inspired to do a big project like this and then stick to it through all the set-backs and delays.

Heather says she is letting God work things out behind the scenes and is not getting stressed about it!

What a lesson to us!

We do our part and then let God do His!

Great work guys!

If you can help them finish the project, contact them!