Monday, October 31, 2016

Forget the Past.

I heard a story this weekend that really made me think.  It's about a man who for many years struggled with alcohol and homelessness,  He had been helped by many in the community but kept repeating the cycle of addiction.  He's in his 80's.  I heard that about a year and a half ago, he had a stroke.  He was hospitalized to recover.  When he did, he had no memory of being an alcoholic or being homeless!


As of this day, he lives in the hospital because he has nowhere else to go.  This is where he gets cared for.  He is doing very well and most would not recognize him as the same man!

Paul writes that "If any man be in Christ, he is a new creation, old things have passed away, behold all things have become new!" 2Cointhians 5:17

If you are a new creation as a believer, your past is gone to!  Stop thinking about it!  As much as you can, get around people who don't constantly remind you of it!  Live your life like you are new, cause that's what you are!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Comedy Tour September 2016!

Another Upstanding Comedy Tour has come and gone and I hope you got out to a show!

I want to share a few pics with you from the latest tour with headliner Matt Falk!

Here was the itinerary:

Monday, Sept 26 - The Core, Belleville
Tuesday, Sept 27 - First Baptist Church, Barrie
Wednesday, Sept 28 - The Rock Family Church, Sarnia
Thursday, Sept 29 - Emmanuel Baptist Church, Chatham
Friday, Sept 30 - Parkwood Gardens Church, Guelph
Saturday, Oct 1 - Brant Community Church, Brantford

The crowd at The Rock in Sarnia
Rose setting the merch table.

Timmy Boyle opening the show in Sarnia.

Bob Guest, musical comedian!

Me performing my set in Sarnia!

Brandon McCaskill!  Musical comic!

Headliner, Matt Falk!

Matt is "effortlessly funny!"

The gang from the Chatham show!

Timmy Boyle kicks off the Chatham show!

Timmy again, note the ratty track pants...

Matt kills it again in Sarnia!

Timmy Boyle in Brantford

Alex Bowman in Brantford!  Ukulele one liners!

Evan Dunne!  An amazing man with a great story!

Matt closing out the tour in Brantford!

Closing shot from Brantford!