Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Summer post season interview.

The media has questions for Summer...
We all have a favorite season. 

We're big fans of it. 

I wish we could cheer on our favorite season, just like a sports team, and see it come back and win, but it doesn't happen.

Summer has a lot of fans and I think they are disappointed with the overall performance this year. 

There was one day this week that just felt so cold!  It was still August!

I think, summer has given up! It's given up too early!

I imagine that summer has bowed out of the season, and now it's time for the post season interview, like in the NHL.

Summer has a towel around it's neck, it's marching down the hallway going back to the dressing room, and we the media, have a few questions for it.

MEDIA:  "Summer, summer, can we get a quick word...?"

SUMMER: (Heavy breathing, exhausted, limping...) Sure...

MEDIA:  "This season started off rough for you, you didn't really gain any momentum, and from what we're seeing and feeling, it's all over. What happened out there?"
SUMMER:  "Well, I know it's a let down for all the fans, but you gotta know when enough is enough, you know? Clouds were really strong this year, they came out hard and never let up, rain was in there to making things difficult. The moon blocked us out that one day. That was bizarre. It was a struggle to get temperatures up anywhere near 30, and just, by the end of August, I just knew I had nothing left in the tank. It's time to call it a game, regroup and start thinking about next season. You know, I have the best fans on the planet, I want to thank you guys for your support, for getting out there and making an effort, even though you had your doubts. I saw that, it means a lot. We'll see everyone next year."
MEDIA:  "All right, that was Summer, stepping aside a little early, gracefully and gratefully, I think it deserves a hearty applause for the effort this year..." 


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