Monday, September 11, 2017

You Are Loved. (You jerk!)

I do not have any grandchildren, but I am looking forward to it. 

Kids without all the responsibility, great fun! 

But if we are talking kids or grand kids, we can all agree that we love our children just because they exist

It's a pure love of sorts. These little ones did not do anything for us. 

They can't pay us back, they have no job, no language...they just are! 

We love them, intensely, we would even give our lives for them. 

If you have ever had thoughts like, "No one loves me", that's a lie.

Have you ever wanted to invite someone to a party or wedding or function, just cause you wanted them there? 

They're not singing or doing juggling to entertain everyone, they're just awesome to have around. 

That's you! 

I believe there is a God, I believe, He is love. I believe everyone, including me, is loved, just because we're here. 

It means that even the most notorious person is someone!

How can that be? I'm not sure but it happens! Many a true crime story has a person who believes in and stands by the person who committed the law breaking activity. It's amazing! Men on death row have fans. 

It's hard to understand love. 

It's not a feeling, it's an action to. 

God loves you. 

The biggest failure. The biggest public failure! The most hated criminal. Wow.

It's comforting and amazing all at once.


Rose Gale said...

Enjoyed your post Todd, and I love you to! :)

Todd Gale said...