Thursday, August 31, 2017

Going to the Movies

I used to love going to the movies.

I mean really loved it!

If I knew I was going to a movie that night, my day was pretty awesome.

The anticipation was wonderful!

I enjoyed the smell, the sights, the sounds, everything about the theater was fascinating.

I remember seeing Superman-The Movie, King Kong (The silly 70's version) and of course Star Wars!

We saw Star Wars 3 times.  It played in London, about an hours drive!

We pestered our folks to take us!

It was so good!

The drive-in was a cool experience.  If I remember right, we saw Close Encounters of the Third Kind at a drive-in.

Some of the scenes with UFO's blended so well with the starry night of being outdoors, it was magical!

I don't know if my love of the movie theater is in my blood, but my grandfather was a projectionist.

That must count for something!

Years ago, we were part of a church that purchased a movie theater!  A church, in a movie theater!

I enjoyed poking around the building and discovering new things.  I hung out in the projection room!

Good times!

Lately though, the thrill is gone.

To go see a movie is a downer for me.  I don't like trying to get there on time, the parking, the high price of food, the other people in the theater that kick my seat, the cell phone glare, the ads at the beginning of the show, the endless trailers...etc.

I would rather stay home.  (I may just be getting old and grumpy!)

It's been a dismal year for the cinemas, and I can see why from one perspective.

The entertainment experience ain't what it used to be.

Movies are just "a thing to do" rather than a special night out.

I get the feeling sometimes that no one really cares what they are watching.

It's just another YouTube video on a huge screen to be distracted from when a text from your friend pops up.

You're paying good money for this, pay attention!

Because I work in media, I have been to a couple of press screenings for upcoming movies.

It's a great crowd because everyone has a purpose for being there.

There's focus.  (Little movie pun there, sorry.)

The level of engagement is higher because, you will be asked for a response following the feature.

I call this active entertainment, not passive.  It's more fun!

Ya sure, you need a romantic comedy once in a while to go on a first date with someone, but it should lead to a discussion of WHY the lead character needs that hot guy to give her all that attention, just to discover the nerd REALLY loves her for who she is.

This would be more constructive.  Maybe relationships would be more clear.  No more "I can't tell if he's into me."  Let the movie do all the heavy lifting!

My point is, it's not just mindless viewing folks!

I'm not sure what the answer is for getting people back to the movies, but I for one would like to have that excitement again.

What's the answer?

Outrageously high ticket prices, to weed out the crowd that will update Facebook during a pivotal battle scene?

Members only subscriptions?

You tell me!

I want to feel the magic again!

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