Monday, August 28, 2017

Dead On!

OK, I think about death sometimes.  I know you have also.  I think it's a bit scary.

We should all be sat down at the beginning of our lives, as soon as we can understand words, and it should be explained to us that people die.  Animals die.  They cease to live and don't offer us love and conversation any further.  We take their remains and either burn it or bury it in an expensive box.

We will all be dead longer than we will be alive.  It's just a fact. 

Why don't we make "the talk" with our kids not about sex, but about what's the deal with death?
I have a lingering fear of crossing over.  What will it be like?

What if it's awesome?  What if it's painful?

We have some comforting words from the scriptures, if you choose to take them to heart.

Death is like falling asleep.

I'm GOOD at that! I fall asleep every night! I have tons of practice!

It should be no problem.

Knowing that death is inevitable, I like to keep that fact in mind during my everyday life and decisions.

I'm not good at THAT, though.

I should be nicer to people in traffic, I should be nicer to my wife. Time is limited.

Ever see someone who has had a terminal diagnosis? Ever see the smile on their face?

They choose to enjoy the time they have left because the clock is ticking!

You know what, my clock is ticking to. So is yours.

Life is terminal. We should all have amazing grins and positive attitudes!

We GET to spend time alive.

It may not seem like a blessing, but dig deeper. Life has meaning in the living of it, not the endurance.

Smile, forgive, laugh.

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